take control of your plants from anywhere with high sensitive sensors that take care of all your needs in the Garden / farm or even you lovely house

How it Works ?

just turn on the device and plant it in the soil and see the results through your account

control anything anyware

The device uses "IoT" technology that allows you to track all the changes and control other sensors from one place

save time save money

Time is money - saving a lot of time to check if your plant needs water or not by getting a beeb ! it can save about 20% of water monthly

eco-friendly 24/7 work time

No electrcity or Battery needed any more ! Agri is solar powered it can handle aabout 10 hours without sun/unnatural light

real time updated data

Get real time Data from the land! the device send the tempruture, Humidity, Soil moisture and the amount of light of the plant to your account

photo gallary

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